Come to Galicia… and you’ll feel better!

When we surf a lot of things happen in our body and also in our mind. In general, they are things that make you freak out and feel like never before, surfing is a complete sport! But, besides that, I’m sure that all the RazSurfCampers who have been here also take with them a good memory of the Galician environment… and it’s not for nothing. Galicia is a natural paradise that will never cease to amaze us!

And did you know that being in contact with a natural environment like this will also bring you many benefits? In addition to the good things associated with sport, being in an enclave like ours can only make you feel better than ever.

For example, those of you who have started classes will have noticed that you will be able to concentrate much better: contact with nature reduces mental fatigue which, for example, is accentuated by the stimuli of the city. It has been proven that schoolchildren who have contact with nature get better marks! If you get good grades you come to Raz, and if you come to Raz you get better grades 😉 😉.

It also improves your mood and reduces everyday stress and negative emotions, so the more often you come to visit us the better! What’s more, contact with nature helps us to find our lost motivation and recharge our batteries to the max!

For the little ones, nature is a catalyst for creativity, problem solving, reduces the likelihood of myopia and improves their social skills. Come on, coming surfing to Razo is the bomb, your body will thank you a thousand times over!

Shall we start thinking about the Easter camp? 😛