Why yoga is a great idea to improve your surfing?

How’s it going Raz SurfCampers! All of you who have already spent a week of classes in Razo, already know that, among many other activities, we have yoga as a vital complement to improve your surfing.

Yoga and surfing, although they may seem very different sports, have a lot in common, more than you can imagine! Basically because, as we always tell you, surfing is not just grabbing a board and going surfing: it is a philosophy, a lifestyle and, if you come to Raz, surfing will always bring you a new family with whom you can enjoy what you like to do the most. And yoga works precisely that inner balance to develop even more our contact with the environment.

Yoga will give you the peace and calm you all need to be better surfers; it will help you to listen to yourself and be more in tune with your body; it will teach you to breathe in such a way that your breathing controls your mind, and not the other way around

In addition, frequent yoga practice improves your flexibility which will help you to perform manoeuvres that you thought you would never be able to do when you saw them on videos! It will also reduce the likelihood of injury, thus increasing your surfing hours ūüėČ It’s all good stuff!

Also, although many people don’t associate it with yoga, practising it will increase your strength. The ideal is to focus especially on the lower back, shoulders and trunk: for a surfer, this strength will improve endurance. Your stand-up will be much faster and, for example, when falling into the water, fighting the waves will be less difficult.

Lastly, your balance will also improve as you master new yoga postures, and when it comes to trying to stand up on a wave, what more could you ask for than a well-developed balance?

If you don’t have many opportunities to surf in between years of camp, signing up for yoga classes is a great idea to show up at Razo as a totally refreshed and ready to start the week!

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